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Claim your Managed Charity Ad Grant 

Your Registered Charity could be eligible for up to £80,000 in free online advertising across Google.

Introducing the Charity Ad Programme

Google Ads shares our unwavering passion for championing nonprofits and their remarkable causes worldwide. They generously offer eligible organisations an incredible $120,000 USD per year (over £80,000 GBP) in free online advertising on Google, the preeminent search engine.

As a proud Google Partner Agency, we are honored to collaborate with this global powerhouse, dedicating our expertise to support charities and nonprofits in spreading their messages far and wide. Our mission at JACK RYAN is to help these organizations elevate awareness, garner donations, and attract dedicated volunteers who will join them in their pursuit of a better world.

Through the Programme, each qualifying charity gains access to up to £8,000 in monthly ad spend, as well as the invaluable assistance of Google Ads experts. 

Spark a ripple of positive change


Inspire new donors to invest in your mission and impact.


Amplify awareness of your charity and cause, driving action.


Empower more volunteering, staff and members.


Drive revenue with a sales or booking focus online and offline.

We're here to help drive your Charity digital activity

At JACK RYAN, we are committed to providing a full suite of services—from initial setup to ongoing management and optimisation—subsidised by our agency to ensure maximum impact.

With our commercial work as a foundation, we strive to help as many nonprofits as possible to secure this incredible funding opportunity. 

Our goal is to craft exceptional advertising campaigns that not only achieve each organisation's fundraising, awareness, and recruitment targets, but also inspire the world to unite behind their noble causes.

Together, we can make a difference—one ad at a time.

The Process and Framework

1. Eligibility Checks

To get started, we'll conduct a quick eligibility check to verify your charity status and ensure you meet the necessary criteria for Google's Non-Profit program.

2. Funding Application

We'll coordinate with Google to ensure all the necessary details are in place for you to draw down the funding to your ad account. This helps to reduce your advertising costs, so you can put your budget to better use.

3. Discovery Session
In order to develop a tailored campaign that aligns with your charity's goals, we'll conduct a discovery session to understand your target audience, their behaviours, and how to reach them at the right time and place. We'll also identify potential sources of income generation for your charity.

4. Search Campaign Plan
Based on the insights from our discovery session, we'll develop a comprehensive search campaign plan that outlines the key
strategies, tactics, and metrics we'll use to achieve your goals. We'll also run you through the plan so that you're fully aligned and confident in the approach.

5. Account Setup and Management
Once you're happy with the campaign plan, we'll set up your ad account, including creating ad groups, keywords, ad copy, and targeting. We'll then launch your campaign and closely monitor it to ensure it's performing optimally.

6. Continuous Optimisation
We won't stop at launch, we'll continuously monitor your campaigns, analyse search term reports, and make iterative changes to keywords, bid adjustments, targeting, and ad copy to optimize for best performance. You'll have access to a dedicated dashboard and data will also be viewable on your own Google Analytics account, so you can track your campaign's progress in real-time.

Getting Started.

If you qualify eligibility and are awarded funding you will receive up to £80,000 in annual Google Ads budget that can be used across Google Search, Display and Programamatic advertising.

We have built a number of options depending on the size of charity which will provide significant return and is scalable.
 Our team are on hand to help advise the most suitable for you.

All you need to do to get started is complete the form below, choosing Charity from the option and our team will be in touch to begin the process for funding and options available.

Everything we do is Built for today's data-driven world.

Reduce time and use the data that empowers you to make decisions with real-time data reporting.

Access a fully comprehensive suite bespoke for your Charity with advanced analytics dashboards and reporting you want and when you need it.

This is all accredited by the world's major technology providers as Google Partner in addition to industry leading CPD Accredited® training for your team.

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