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Success Story

Evanyrouse: Award winning strategy that inspired and engaged retail buyers.

Key Results


1st Place at UK Furniture Awards


Key B2B Buyers Reached


Socially Charged Uplift


Evanyrouse is a Portuguese furniture brand that has gained popularity across continental Europe. The company was looking to expand its reach and break into the UK market. To achieve this, they needed a well-designed, responsive multi-platform website and an online experience for retailers and interior design customers, along with a secure portal for UK sales and distribution.


Additionally, they required brand enhancement, design, and development for their launch at the biggest date in the UK furniture calendar - the January Furniture Show at the NEC in Birmingham, England.


The primary challenge was to launch Evanyrouse in the UK with a bang. The company had a reputation for producing high-quality furniture, but they were relatively unknown in the UK market.


The opportunity was to create a strong brand identity that would resonate with UK customers and connect with retailers and interior designers. Additionally, the website needed to be user-friendly, functional, and secure.


Our team worked with Evanyrouse UK to create a story that would launch the brand in the marketplace, connecting with retail customers and consumers alike.


We developed a creative concept focused on the company's Varzzy Collection and their dining range, positioning the dining table as the centerpiece of the home and where the conversation takes place.


This concept successfully picked up the Most Commended award at the January Furniture Show, where we developed branding and marketing for the launch event.

To support the brand launch, we built a fully responsive website that captured the essence of the luxury brand. The website featured custom-built dynamic portals with crucial information, ordering, and news for retail and interior design customers.


We also designed and printed marketing materials, including large-scale banners and signage, brochures, and luxury business cards embedded with gold hot foil.

Full service creative execution and delivery


Our approach successfully launched Evanyrouse in the UK, generating a significant buzz among retailers, interior designers, and consumers.


The brand story and creative concept of the dining table as the centerpiece of the home resonated with UK customers, and the Most Commended award at the January Furniture Show further reinforced the brand's credibility.


The fully responsive website, custom-built portals, and marketing materials were well-received and helped to establish Evanyrouse as a high-end luxury furniture brand in the UK.

1. UK Furniture Awards

2. Meta Business Manager

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