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Experiences that drive social Currency

Experiences that drive brand value and front of mind status

At JACK, we've revolutionised media planning and buying by placing performance, transparency, and data-led fluidity at the forefront of our approach. Our dynamic strategies have transformed the advertising landscape, enabling our clients to reach new heights in brand visibility and customer engagement.

The Experience may be an event, brand activation or online stream, but the brand value remains real.

Experiential marketing is a dynamic and immersive approach that enables brands to create memorable experiences for their audience, fostering emotional connections and driving customer engagement.


At JACK RYAN, we specialise in designing and executing bespoke experiential marketing campaigns that not only bolster social currency for consumers but also facilitate seamless business-to-business interactions.


We understand the importance of being at the forefront of consumers' minds and the power of social influence in today's market. By crafting unique and shareable experiences, we help our clients generate organic buzz around their brand, effortlessly positioning them as industry leaders.


Additionally, our expertise in curating tailored B2B events allows us to break down barriers between businesses, fostering collaboration and creating mutually beneficial partnerships that accelerate growth and solidify front-of-mind status for our clients.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Distinct Event Solutions

We work with you from the outset and can advise and manage everything from your event branding, collateral, ticketing with QR codes, and on the day from Production (Video, Audio, Lighting) to elevate your performance.

Our team are experienced in making your performance and presentation spaces look and sound amazing. From the simplest speaker event to complex installations, we always make sure your message is heard.

We draw on a combined experience of over 50 years with BBC trained professionals with our high production standard guarantee.

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