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A Scottish-American Story weaved in Tartan

The Kings of Kilts.

MacGregor and MacDuff are an award winning kilt and highlandwear specialist who hae been perfecting their trade for over forty years and showcasing what true world-class Scottish craftsmanship is.

Launched in 1979, the brand has stores across Glasgow and the West of Scotland as well as 'pop-up' stores in New York, London and Manchester.

Kings of Kilts is the brands' promise - that when you wear their transformational apparel that you will be a King for the day.


The Brief: Drive Bookings for New York.

Working with the brand from December 2020; the mission was to drive qualified leads and bookings for the New York fitting service pop-up in addition to managing paid search across the business.

This is a higher level product and working closely across the team was essential to understand the entire customer journey with experience at the heart.

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Solution: Facebook Highly Targeted Lead-Gen

Building on experience with other brands, the key to driving New York bookings was (1) raise intent in profiled customer groups and (2) generate qualified leads that can be communicated with promptly and (3) a clearly customer journey.


Audience data from who a 'Macgregor and Macduff' customer would be based on previous customer information was formatted and used with Facebook lead generation to drive immediate form completions at higher volume than before.

'Win Back' with the Customer lifecycle

Across the customer lifecycle the first buy can be achieved with a high performance sales funnel from media such as paid search or Facebook advertising; however after that first purchase how can you re-ignite the customer to make a second purchase? To become an advocate for the brand as such?

By using advanced re-marketing activity based on omni-channel engagement across web and social media, Predictive marketing to drive search terms based on intent and live monitoring we re-engaged customers and converted at half the cost rate of the original acquisition.

All of the new MacGregor and MacDuff activity is now driven by data-decisions which we implemented after conducting significant conversion rate optimisation across the brands' website and digital presence; including building bespoke dashboards for live real-time monitoring.

NY Sign

And it worked...

500,000 reach across search activity

Extra days open for fittings due to success of bookings at 100% capacity