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Looking back at #CanadaDay

Canada Day is Canada's national day and our people teamed up with one of Scotland's largest travel providers to build a campaign that Inspired, Motivated and drove bookings during a 10 day campaign.

A tablet showing the Canada Day travel booking page.

Building a bespoke Micro-site was key; delivering an unique 'brand Canada' approach from the outset with an interactive live map and featuring a different aspect of the diversity that Canada has to offer - from landscapes and Wildlife to the bustling City Nightlife of Toronto.

The Approach

A phone showing an instagram travel post

The best strategy to raise awareness, drive excitement and gain acquisition of new customers would be through a multi-platform approach across numerous channels that are complimentary to each other – all of this being backed with the use of a Rocky Mountaineer micro-site.

Paid Ad Strategy driven by AI

Our Digital strategy surrounds touch-points with users and with this we’ll use Paid Search and Display as primary platforms to acquire and then re-market.

Initial Acquisition through Google’s Adwords Paid Search or Display across Google & Bing Search and their respective search delivery partners.

Reach millions of users who are in market with our highly targeted approach utilising artificial intelligence – over 12,000 changes to paid search targeting each week in live time, continuously optimising for the best cost-per-click.

A graph showing spikes in travel bookings over time.

Fluid Multi-Channel Approach

Allowing AI to find your customers based on complex profiling and continuous-optimisation to ensure the best Return on Investment yet.

A tablet showing the Canada day landing page.

One size doesn’t fit all and we don’t rinse and repeat campaign activity for any project; instead we are now powered by Amazon ML Labs technology along with Google Partnership DoubleClick forecasting, tracking and the optimising customer journeys.

We combined live learning feedback loops into our automated bidding to provide a digital strategy that enhances immediacy and maximised opportunity.

And it worked...

A mobile showing campaign results.

1 million impressions across our social

activity over the 10 day campaign.

850,00 people reached over the duration of the campaign.

3,680 users to the microsite with 1,874 new users who have never interacted with the brand before.

40% Increase in bookings for Canada trips Year-on-Year