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Loxley... Launching the brands' biggest product in years.

Loxley Colour is one of the UK's largest photography labs; delivering high quality print and design services to photographers and end customers across Europe.

In 2019 the company also launched its' exciting new consumer brand with a digital strategy directly implemented by our people.

Dad smiling while reading his children a book.
Experian, Adobe Logos

Launching the brands' biggest product in years.

We worked closely with Loxley Colour to capture the three product strands for their new Adore Album.

Working with a data-led approach we built took the brands' customer data and augmented it with data held with agencies such as Experian, Adobe and others to build significant customer insights that influence not only platform and channel choice, but also business intelligence.

Alongside this we also produced a series of 3 story video's featuring the product to support the activity.

Delivering intent-based digital marketing.

Working with the data derived from our research and data science specialists, we built out effective intent-based search digital marketing; driving people at the right time with the right messaging.

Utilising AI-driven live tracking, we built campaigns that delivered conversion rates of over 14% (Industry sector standard of 2-3%).

We also identified the need to diversify the digital media mix; using Bing to attract older visitors as defined in our Mosaic refined approach.

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