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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for High End Furniture Retailer.

Rotherwoods is a high-end furniture & home retailer with its' flagship store in the coastal town of Ayr, Scotland.

The store offers a higher end bespoke customer experience with use of premium collections, interiors advice, consultation and an ethos on promoting an aspirational life-style.

Although seen as a market leader in the area, the online presence was becoming slightly dated and the brand needed a refresh - that’s where I came in.

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Building a new online experience

The problem with most websites designed for eCommerce is that they are built just for that - for an online sales process - and with little regard to the customer experience journey with the companies brand.

I approached the new Rotherwoods site differently and built a new online experience that matches the brand and replaces the experience that customers receive in-store.

Refreshing the brand

In addition to the work on the a brand new online experience, I also had to rejuvenate the brand. Rotherwoods brand isn’t about a race to the bottom sales race or value furniture - it’s a trusted brand where the companies customers are loyal and expect the best service and materials used across the collections in-store and online.

It was decided not to change the logo but instead refresh the colour palette with more hues and so the flagship store underwent a reft in early 2017 and I designed the new store branding that gave a fresh, open showcase.

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Multi-Platform Campaigns

With my unique experience in broadcast production, the company has now delivered multiple successful marketing campaigns across both traditional media such as print & radio as well as online and social media.

From the development of a Christmas warehouse sales campaign featuring the voice of the X Factor through to a campaign in the Ayrshire coast with waves battling against the rockface in the style of Sir David Attenborough.

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Customer loyalty that works

In consultation with Rotherwoods, we recently introduced MyRotherwoods, a new personal approach to shopping.

The loyalty system works in-store and online with new smart cards on an entirely in-house developed interface.

Customers sign up for the new card and receive it in the post along with a new welcome letter. The new smart cards also allow us to work with Rotherwoods to track customers' likes, dislikes and patterns and will form the basis of continued digital development of the brand well into 2018