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The Air League Appoints JACK RYAN for Soaring to Success®

The Air League, the UK's foremost aviation and aerospace charity since 1909, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the award-winning marketing agency JACK RYAN. This collaboration aims to amplify awareness of its pioneering Soaring to Success® Programme, aiming to increase social mobility within the aviation industry.

The Air League and JACK RYAN

Changing lives through aviation is at the heart of The Air League's vision. With steadfast dedication, they have consistently dismantled entry barriers into the aviation, aerospace and space sectors. This has been made possible through their ground-breaking scholarship initiatives and career enrichment outreach programmes, which ensure that opportunities within these industries are accessible to people from all walks of life. As a result, the Air League has earned the support of many key partners, including industry titans such as Boeing, Airbus, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and the Department for Transport, among other partners.

The league's flagship, Soaring to Success®, is a revolutionary programme that fosters the marriage of academic knowledge with real-world industry practices. It is a beacon for those with an innate passion for aviation, a platform that creates opportunities and provides vital support for individuals considering a career in the aviation and aerospace sectors. The programme also champions social mobility, cultivating a belief that the abundant opportunities within these industries are within anyone's grasp, irrespective of their background.

JACK RYAN will be driving the strategic activation in 2023 with a multi-channel approach across Meta, Programmatic, Twitter and Search. The campaign features the opportunities that Soaring to Success® can bring to students and ultimately is about driving interest from teachers and stakeholders to register their school.

The media-mix is further reinforced with highly targeted e-mail marketing executed by JACK RYAN focussing on beginning the conversation and driving direct conversion.

"It's an honour to be working with The Air League, an organisation that aligns so well with our values. Our joint efforts will spotlight the transformative power of the Soaring to Success® Programme, inspiring a new generation to dream big and aim high in the realms of aviation and aerospace."

Ian Morrison CBE, CEO of The Air League: "This partnership represents a significant milestone for The Air League. JACK RYAN's expertise in navigating the marketing landscape will undoubtedly propel our message further, reaching a wider audience and inspiring more individuals to explore opportunities in the aviation industry. We believe that, together, we can truly make a difference and uplift the lives of many."

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About The Air League, The Air League is a UK-based aviation and aerospace charity established in 1909. The organisation's primary focus is to promote equal opportunities in the aviation, aerospace and space industries through scholarships and outreach programs.

About JACK RYAN, JACK RYAN is a award-winning full-service marketing agency renowned for innovative and impactful marketing strategies. They focus on producing creative and unique campaigns that resonate with today's audience, driving brand growth and high performance.


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