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Dynamically reach your audience in real time where they are

Use advanced programmatic targeting to reach audiences across websites and media that matter to them - begin targeting the individual rather than individual website placements.


New advanced Programmatic advertising allows access and placement across a number of media owners and publishers through our ad stack networks.

We can look to target individuals across their day from early morning commute news websites through to lifestyle and interest groups.

Programmatic can also be combined with slots on Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), Streaming, TV and even audio voice ads.


Thinking outside the box: Using Programmatic to drive awareness

We recently used programmatic ads to target audiences interested in cosmetic treatments for a leading dental group.


This included placement on popular dating apps like Tinder where your smile is only a swipe away. By utilising Programmatic Ad Stacks we were able to generate significant reach while at a significantly lower cost and therefore higher return-on-ad-spend for the end client.

Image by Yogas Design

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