A Customer Story

Market Leading Fire Testing.

United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) is a market leading fire testing and certification organisation with an UKAS accredited test laboratory in Scotland.

The company is responsible for ensuring the highest level of compliance for a range of private and public sector end customers across the UK.



& Qualified Leads.

Working with the internal team at UKTC, we identified the need to raise brand awareness amongst the organisations' end prospective customers - including a competitive content strategy to demonstrate expertise in the area with relevant and timely communications.

In addition to brand building, we also devised and launched paid search to drive lead generation into HubSpot CRM - enabling a cost effective cost per acquisition for new business development whilst working closely with the client to qualify leads and develop enhanced targeting through analysis.


Fully Responsive website based on enhanced audience and traffic analysis

Resulting in an increase of 200% in session time.


And it worked...

Search Market Share of 21.53%

600% Return on Ad Spend

CPA cost saving of over 25%