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Aegon appoints JACK RYAN

We're thrilled to announce our latest client partnership with Aegon, a global powerhouse in the financial services sector. Aegon's history of providing life insurance, pensions, and asset management services is well-documented, with a legacy of trust and innovation spanning over 175 years. The group is responsible for €444 Billion in assets.


In a world where financial services are rapidly evolving, traditional acquisition and branding methods no longer suffice. Our work with Aegon marks the beginning of a transformative journey in digital strategy.

Our commitment across the groups media investment will extend beyond mere expenditure to ensuring each channel yields a greater Return on Investment (ROI), enhanced visibility, and strict accountability.

This represents another expansion of JACK RYAN's portfolio in the financial services sector. With an added global leader in life insurance, pensions, and asset management, we are reinforcing our position as a pivotal player in the world of financial services marketing.

This is a testament to our teams ability to adapt and thrive in diverse financial landscapes, showcasing our versatility and deep understanding of the unique marketing needs within this sector.


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