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Are you set for e-mail marketing in 2022?

How many e-mails do you receive everyday? Importantly how much of those you do open do you read through fully? E-mail Marketing is naturally a cost effective way of communicating with your customers; but it only works when utilised correctly with segmentation and effective content.

Our team have put together a guide for best practice to get your e-mail marketing campaign ready for 2022 by reaching your right audience at the right time with correct segmentation and consistent messaging.

E-mail Marketing Calendar

As marketers we have became experts with social media calendars and scheduling posts across numerous platforms; understanding what type of media works best for each audience. It's now time to make a monumental shift in your e-mail communications to follow the same strategy and concept that you already do naturally on social media.

There are a number of marketing calendar applications or CMS (such as Trello or Monday); you could also just use a spreadsheet. Consider the time spent to create an e-mail campaign and then the perfect days and times for scheduling.

What are your goals?

Consistency and content are key to effective e-comm; consider the type of messaging you will need to use in your campaigns - are you promoting a new product, engaging with customers who haven't bought in a while or launching a seasonal sale?

Determine based on your goals the achievability and how this can relate to your newly created e-mail marketing calendar. The whole idea here is to enable you to see at a glance your proposed communication with your audience.

Segmentation, Segmentation, Segmentation

You need to be relevant. For every e-mail marketing message that you send then consider who should receive and who should not receive this particular message? Organising your mailing list by the likes clustering on location, age, sex or last product type purchased will enable you to be much more relevant in your customers inbox; re-igniting a relationship.

Think about your segments against your e-mail calendar; is there a particular group receiving too much or even too little communication? Pay attention to your Open-Rate and Click-Rates of your e-mail marketing campaign and post these metrics on your calendar 'after the fact' so you can look back at the effectiveness of your type of activity.

Content - how to improve the Open-Rate

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers and businesses is cutting through the noise of your customers e-mail box and having positive open-rates. We need to give the end customer a preview of what is to come in the e-mail, there is no point spending significant time building graphics, considering your content for the segmented audience and landing pages on your website to accompany your campaign for it to then fall away at the subject line.

Build a list of subject lines and begin testing them; keep track of your open-rates for each subject line to evolve your strategy over time. With most e-mail marketing clients you can enable personalisation, create a subject line based on your segments expectations.

A solid Plan

Effective e-mail marketing is knowing your audience, being relevant and meeting expectations. By building a full e-mail marketing strategy on it's own two feet you can evolve your communications over time to build a channel that drives engagement and conversion within your own ecosystem.

Let's talk about your brands ambitions and build a strategy together to drive your goals.


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