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Conversational Marketing: Time is now.

All forms of marketing and communications have had a monumental shift back to basics during 2021 with the increasing importance of Conversational Marketing with ultra personalisation.

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To help increase that continued personal relationship with your customers and brand; it's now essential that you take on a conversational approach to everything you do. Implementing effective conversational marketing will allow you to utilise across your channel mix to meet your customer's needs whatever the situation - using personalised e-mails and chat.

Did you know that when customers contact you that 82% expect an immediate response? (Small Business Trends, 2018) People want - and expect - immediacy when they are in-market and are searching, even if it's the middle of the night. If they can't get what they want from your brand then they will easily go to your competitor.

Establishing effective conversational marketing across your own media such as your website will eliminate this guesswork from your customers and help ensure they receive the level of service they expect from your brand during interactions; using a dialogue-focussed communication style will help improve engagement and thus convert more leads - turning those crucial interactions to transactions.

Next time a customer completes your form; what is the immediate after-action? What about a follow-up e-mail and an automated flow that keeps the customer engaged even when your business is closed for the day.

This isn't new, it's something you do day-in-day-out with your customer experience during interactions - you're just making it smarter.


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