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Introducing the next generation iJACK

At JACK RYAN, we're thrilled to unveil the evolution of our flagship technology—the next generation iJACK. This state-of-the-art media planning and management suite is designed to redefine the boundaries of campaign execution across verticals.


Empowering Seamless Integration and Collaboration

iJACK, with its impressive array of over 80 system integrations, stands as the nerve center of any advertising campaign. It's engineered to foster seamless collaboration across teams, ensuring that from the moment a campaign is briefed to the point of delivery, every process is streamlined and efficient.

Our one solution transforms complex data into actionable insights, making it easier than ever for teams to sync efforts from multiple teams and deliver outstanding results.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Management

The latest iteration of iJACK isn't just an upgrade—it's a leap towards the future of campaign management. This version introduces advanced reporting tools that provide deeper insights into campaign performance at a glance. With the addition of media schedule annotations, teams can now communicate more effectively, ensuring everyone is aligned with the campaign's timeline and objectives.

Furthermore, our enhanced resource libraries are a gold mine for planning and our clients teams, offering a wealth of data and materials at their fingertips.

Perhaps most exciting is our innovative approach to creative testing, which allows teams to trial and refine ideas in a virtual sandbox, pushing the boundaries of creativity and efficiency whilst building on proven neuromarketing techniques.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Understanding the impact of your campaigns in real-time is crucial. That's why we are focusing on enhancing the analytical capabilities of iJACK. Upcoming updates will include advanced predictive analytics and AI-driven insights that allow you to not only measure but also anticipate campaign performance. This means being able to adjust strategies swiftly and smartly, maximising effectiveness and ROI.

Our Roadmap

As we look towards the future, our roadmap for 2024 is filled with ambitious enhancements that promise to further transform the advertising landscape.

User experience is at the heart of iJACK's design philosophy. Our 2024 updates will build on the more intuitive interface in this latest iteration with customisable dashboards, enabling teams and clients to tailor their workspace to their specific needs and preferences.


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