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JACK RYAN appointed by Crown Commercial Services

JACK RYAN has been appointed by the UK Government Crown Commercial Services. This follows a rigorous process and audits of the agencies' processes, procedures and client portfolio, marking further expansion of JACK RYAN's public and government division.


The agency is already talking to a number of central government departments surrounding their Media Strategy and is now poised to play a key role in the planning, development and execution of communications and campaigns for central government across key verticals such as Health, Education, Emergency Services and Defence.

The Crown Commercial Service is the largest public procurement organisation in the UK and has significant collective power, with spending through the procurement body of over £2.8 Billion in 2022.

"We are immensely proud and excited to have been appointed by the UK Government's Crown Commercial Service following a robust, transparent and efficient process. We are committed to delivering meaningful and impactful communications for the betterment of the UK public services. This is a pivotal moment, and we look forward to making a lasting difference in the way the government communicates with the public, providing value and expertise for tax payers." Ryan Dunlop, Strategy Partner

This appointment follows a number of significant client wins for the agency which is now positioning itself across multiple territories, continuing to provide a Best in Class service provision, built on science.


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