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JACK RYAN: Proud Finalist at the 25th Glasgow Business Awards.

As the heartbeats of Glasgow’s business community pulsate with anticipation,

JACK RYAN is immensely proud to be among the esteemed finalists at the 25th Glasgow Business Awards.

JACK RYAN, as part of Glasgow’s thriving tech ecosystem, acknowledges the incredible journey and takes immense pride in the contributions made to the city’s legacy.

As JACK RYAN gears up for the grand celebration, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our teams, clients, and the ever-supportive Glaswegian community. Win or lose, being recognised as a finalist is a testament to our commitment, drive, and vision to skyrocketing the growth of all the businesses & organisations we support.

Here's to celebrating the city's impact, its legacy, and all those who make Glasgow an incredible place to lead, work, and live.


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