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Maximising QR Codes in your next Campaign

QR Codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned on your phone by using an app. They are not as common as other types of barcodes, but they can be very useful. Scanning the code will take you to a website or give you more information about what you're looking at.

A mobile phone scanning a QR code

QR Codes offer a wealth of benefits for businesses looking to drive leads and sales. By adding QR Codes to marketing campaigns, businesses can expect to see increased engagement and conversion rates. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using QR Codes in marketing campaigns:

1. Increased Engagement - When used effectively, QR Codes can significantly increase engagement with marketing campaigns. In fact, a study by comScore found that QR Code scanning activity is highest amongst 18-24 year olds.

2. Increased Conversion Rates - QR Codes can also help to increase conversion rates, as they provide an easy way for potential customers to learn more about your products or services. A study by Juniper Research found that QR Code scanning led to a 15% increase in conversions.

3. Drive Traffic to a Specific Page - QR Codes can direct site visitors to a specific page on your website, allowing you to highlight the information that's most relevant to them. This can help you improve conversion rates and overall visitor experience.

4. Engage Customers via Mobile Devices - As smartphone sales continue to increase worldwide, more and more of your customers will be carrying smartphones with them at all times. QR Codes allow you to drive leads and engage customers on the go, which is particularly useful for businesses that rely on location-specific sales or if most of your customers are mobile.

5. Showcase Offers and Discounts - One of the most common uses of QR Codes is to showcase coupons, discounts, and other special offers. A study by the Mobile Marketing Association found that most consumers are likely to use a coupon or discount when they are in-store.

6. Drive Sales via Facebook - Facebook's advertising platform allows you to create specific ad campaigns for mobile users. If your company doesn't already have a mobile app, you can include QR Codes in your ads to drive sales and increase conversions.

7. Create Special Promotional Offers - You can also use QR Codes for special promotional offers and coupons if you don't want to rely on Facebook advertising or highlight discounts in general.

8. Drive Traffic to an Event Page - QR Codes can help you get more out of special events by driving additional traffic to event pages.

9. Engage with Targeted Audiences - The ability to target marketing campaigns is a major benefit of QR Codes. Using your customer data, you can create effective marketing campaigns that will only be seen by specific individuals, which can increase engagement and conversions.

10. Engage on the Go - As more and more people are viewing the Internet via their mobile devices, it's important to create campaigns that can be viewed on-the-go. QR Codes allow you to engage customers whenever they're looking for more information about your business, instead of waiting until they get home or find some free time.

11. Highlight Special Offers - QR Codes can also be used to highlight special offers and discounts, as many businesses do with paper coupons and flyers. When customers see a QR Code on a flyer, they can simply scan it to find more information about the offer or coupon without having to wait until they get home.

Above: Coinbase Ad from the Superbowl 2022 - simple but effective way to drive audiences and best of all; track it all.

The best way to create an effective QR code is to make it scannable. This means that the QR code needs to be easy to scan and the image should be clear. You can also add a logo or text to help identify the QR code. This means that you can use QR codes for marketing purposes to drive leads.

The first way to drive leads with QR codes is to place them on coupons, flyers or leaflets. You can also place a coupon code directly onto the QR code if people are using apps that scan the code automatically. If you're using a web-based app, then you should include the coupon code on the landing page.

Another way to drive leads with QR codes is to use them on business cards. If someone receives your card, all they need to do is download a QR code reader and scan the code directly from your card. This will automatically take them to an online form or website where they can sign up for more information.

You can also add a QR code to your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. This will give leads the opportunity to follow you on their preferred platform simply by scanning the code and logging in with their credentials.

The fourth way to drive leads is with a contest. Run a contest that requires participants to scan a QR code. For example, you could give away an iPad if people correctly answer three questions or send in their contact information for a chance to win. This works best if the prize is something people would really want so they are willing to work for it.

QR Codes are here to stay and our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by making use of QR Codes, let's talk about your next marketing campaign.


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