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NHS South East London Appoints JACK RYAN

NHS South East London, a cornerstone of health services in the region, is thrilled to unveil its progressive collaboration with JACK RYAN. This strategic alliance will spotlight this years major Lung Cancer Awareness campaign, set to debut this November, raising awareness about early signs, symptoms, and the paramount importance of early diagnosis.

NHS South East London x JACK RYAN

NHS South East London has always been dedicated to providing unparalleled health services and health-related campaigns that significantly impact the community. With this new collaboration, the intent is to extend its outreach, educating a wider audience about the potential risks, signs, and the undeniable importance of early detection in the battle against lung cancer.

JACK RYAN will oversee and execute an exhaustive media planning, purchasing, and seamless execution of a multifaceted media strategy. This comprehensive roadmap will incorporate various platforms and out of home placements across the capital.

As we collaborate with NHS South East London and the South East Cancer Alliance, we are not merely launching a campaign. We're embarking on a mission — a mission to drive real change, to illuminate the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, and to accentuate the life-saving importance of early diagnosis. We're proud to work closely on this mission to drive real and life saving change.


This partnership between NHS South East London and JACK RYAN goes beyond a typical collaboration. It stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and making a tangible difference in the lives of many.


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