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Deciphering Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object: IAB Gold Standard

Programmatic advertising is the backbone of the digital advertising ecosystem. Yet, it can be riddled with inefficiencies and opacity that undermine the trust of the industry participants. As a Gold Standard® Registered Agency we're proud to work closely with the the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab and their delivery of the Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object (DCO).

IAB Gold Standard

Unveiling Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object

The Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object are key to bringing transparency to the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Buyers.json is a companion to the already widely adopted Sellers.json and SupplyChain object. Sellers.json enables publishers and supply-side platforms (SSPs) to identify who is selling an impression, while Buyers.json allows the demand-side platforms (DSPs) and advertisers to identify who is buying. It's a pivotal tool to trace the path of every impression from advertiser to publisher, providing valuable insights into the demand landscape.

The Demand Chain Object, on the other hand, is designed to provide visibility into all parties involved in purchasing a bid request. This feature gives transparency to the transactional process, which is critical to address issues like fee transparency and potential fraud.

Together, these initiatives offer a new level of transparency to the programmatic advertising ecosystem, enabling all parties involved to trace the journey of every ad impression from the demand to the supply side.

Why the IAB Gold Standard is Important

In the midst of rapid advancements and complex technologies, maintaining quality, safety, and efficacy becomes crucial. The IAB Gold Standard is aimed precisely at that.

The IAB Gold Standard is a benchmark established by the IAB to enhance the quality of the digital advertising ecosystem. It encompasses three core aspects - reducing ad fraud, improving the digital advertising experience, and increasing brand safety.

Reducing ad fraud By implementing practices like ads.txt, sellers.json, and the SupplyChain object, the IAB Gold Standard helps decrease the likelihood of ad fraud. These measures work by improving transparency across the supply chain, helping to prevent unauthorised selling and buying.

Improving the digital advertising experience The IAB Gold Standard promotes the use of the Coalition for Better Ads' standards. This is to ensure that digital ads are non-intrusive and user-friendly, leading to a better overall user experience and thus potentially improved ad performance.

Increasing brand safety By adhering to the Gold Standard, companies commit to using tools and practices designed to enhance brand safety, such as content verification tools or contextual intelligence technologies.

Embracing the IAB Gold Standard is not just about enhancing the ecosystem's quality; it's also a strong signal to all stakeholders (consumers, advertisers, and publishers) that the company is committed to maintaining high industry standards

The implementation of initiatives like Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object, and adherence to the IAB Gold Standard, is crucial for fostering a transparent, efficient, and trustworthy digital advertising environment. In an industry marked by complexity and rapid change, these standards can serve as anchors, guiding companies towards best practices and ensuring a healthy digital advertising ecosystem.

As the digital advertising landscape evolves, we all have a role to play in maintaining and elevating these standards. Remember, transparency isn't just good for business; it's also the right thing to do. JACK RYAN is proud to be a Gold Standard® registered agency and a member of TAG, the leading global initiative fighting criminal activity and increasing trust in the digital advertising industry.


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