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Learn how BMW used triggered advertising.

Using triggered ads can help brands reach audiences across Facebook and other social media platforms based on pre-set conditions - consider things like the weather driving BBQ sales or football results from the Euros affecting the way consumers actions; in particular buying.

A car in the snow

Learn how BMW used triggered advertising technology to drive BMW xDrive enquiries and driving sales at garages.

Knowing that BMW 4X4 and SUV vehicles intent for purchasing are driven during adverse weather like heavy rain and snow, triggered ads were setup and deployed on Facebook using third party technology partners to trigger ads at the precise moment that the weather was inclement at the potential customers location.

The results do the talking for themselves:

+ Observed 10% uplift in Engagement during inclement weather

+ An ROI of 16:01

+ Significant video views and trackable lead generation to sales

Talk to our team about how triggered advertising can work for your brand - Our people have also helped holiday companies sell flights when it's raining... Remember that next time you see holiday ads when it's raining.


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