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Safe to Touch. Driving Self Service B2B for PureTouch.

PureTouch is an essential brand during COVID times; the companies' Antimicrobial Wraps are designed for all major touch-points and kill Bacteria and Viruses' - including Coronavirus.

A logo of Puretouch.

We worked with the internal team to create a fully online presence with the clear mission to Educate, Inform & Provide a full end-to-end order acquisition and fulfilment solution.

The Design and Building the Brand

Through the design of a fully response website, we build the customer journey around discovery of 'The Science & Facts' which did the talking for the product before a full sales conversion funnel where businesses can select pack and product sizes to suit their business needs.

The new PureTouch website also features full account management inside a customised Content Management System and the ability for Touch Innovations to integrate into their existing eco-system.

A Computer and two webpages together

Building Trust

Trust is centric to a product such as PureTouch and so 2 videos were produced to build on the key features around being safe to touch and introducing this new brand to market.


To drive new customers, we discovered that Small Businesses were not aware that such technology existed and so we planned and executed a two-fold strategy to first build the brand with a value-offer alongside targeted activity supported by a Business Development function.

By offering the first 'Starter/ Sample' pack free, we were able to demonstrate the products' key qualities and then drive those customers to a subscription option with self service through the website.

A graph showing an increase in sales over time

This resulted in significant rate of growth and reach with an increase of 148% over the course of the campaign; we now continue to support the brand as it expands with the internal team helping to identify new opportunities and provide a full service solution.

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