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Supercharging Your Brand's Impact with DOOH

In the vibrant, fast-paced world of marketing, creating impactful, meaningful connections between brands and consumers is the core objective of every campaign. These connections transcend mere transactions; they build relationships, create loyal customers, and form the cornerstone of long-term brand building. Among the various methods to establish these connections, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising emerges as an indispensable tool. With its unique ability to bridge the gap between the digital and physical advertising worlds, DOOH serves as a catalyst in modern marketing strategies.

DOOH Oatley drives action
Bold and Brash: Oatly DOOH drives action.

In our hyper-connected digital age, we're continually seeking strategies to cut through the noise and reach consumers with targeted, resonant messages. One such approach is the integration of DOOH and social media. By leveraging DOOH's wide reach and physical presence in our everyday environments, along with social media's precision and connectivity, marketers can create a synergy that amplifies the effectiveness of their campaigns. But there's more to this equation than the simple sum of its parts. This is where neuroscience and neuromarketing come into play.

Neuromarketing blends marketing with neuroscience to understand consumers' subconscious responses to advertisements. It allows us to measure consumers' emotional and cognitive responses, thereby helping in the creation of highly impactful marketing strategies. Neuromarketing research helps unearth insights that traditional research methods might miss, providing a deeper understanding of what truly drives consumer behaviour. In the case of DOOH, neuromarketing research has revealed its remarkable ability to prime and enhance a brand's existing social strategy, forming a potent combination that's hard to ignore.

Our collaboration with top-tier out-of-home partners and programmatic delivery providers allows us to tap into the full potential of DOOH and social media integration. With our out-of-home partners, we can optimise your brand's physical presence, utilising high-impact DOOH screens and technology to create standout campaigns. Meanwhile, our programmatic delivery partners allow us to reach specific target audiences more efficiently, providing granular control over when, where, and how your message is delivered. By harnessing the power of both, we can offer a comprehensive, integrated approach that brings together the strengths of both physical and digital advertising channels.

Today, we will further delve into the five pivotal ways in which DOOH can contribute to your media strategy and serve as a frequency multiplier. Buckle up as we explore how DOOH can fundamentally transform your brand’s social strategy.

DOOH at railway and bus connections
High impact DOOH can be achieved with day-part targeting at commuter hubs; connecting every part of the journey.

DOOH as a Catalyst for Brand Building

Over the years, Digital Out of Home advertising has proven itself as a robust tool for enhancing brand recognition and relevance. In particular, premium DOOH advertising platforms offer an exceptional opportunity for businesses to prime their broader Out of Home campaigns. When used in the initial phase of your campaign, DOOH sets a powerful tone that helps shape the public's perception of your brand. It also encourages long-term brand loyalty by fostering a sense of personal relevance and emotional connection with consumers. By driving higher levels of emotion, DOOH makes your brand message more impactful and memorable. This emotional bond, once established, acts as the backbone of your brand, laying the groundwork for long-term customer relationships and ongoing engagement.

Synergy Between DOOH and Social Media

The integration of DOOH and social media platforms presents a powerful opportunity for marketers to extend the reach and impact of their campaigns. DOOH doesn't operate in isolation; instead, it primes a brand's existing social media strategy by providing a springboard for social media posts. Our study suggests that when consumers encounter a brand first on DOOH platforms, they are more likely to engage with the same brand on social media. This synergy strengthens the brand’s image, creating a seamless, cross-platform experience that increases overall campaign effectiveness.

Content Creation through DOOH

DOOH not only enhances your brand's social media presence but can also serve as a wellspring of content for your social channels. As consumers view physical DOOH displays and then encounter socially amplified DOOH content, it reinforces the brand message and strengthens perception. This layering of experiences extends the time individuals spend viewing social content, enriching the content’s meaning and enhancing its resonance. By amplifying your brand’s content in the physical world, DOOH acts as a bridge, connecting your online and offline marketing strategies and promoting a holistic brand experience.

Endorsement of DOOH Content

Social endorsements act as a seal of authenticity in today’s digital world. When socially amplified DOOH content is endorsed by brands and influencers, it enhances the perceived authenticity, familiarity, and relevance of your brand. These endorsements not only add credibility to your content but also help amplify its reach, allowing you to engage with new audiences and deepen your connection with existing ones. This strategy allows you to leverage the influence and credibility of others to boost your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Global Reach with DOOH

DOOH demolishes geographical boundaries, making your brand’s physical presence omnipresent. By placing DOOH at the heart of your social campaign, you can reach a virtually unlimited global audience. The impact is profound: your brand becomes part of the consumer's environment, regardless of their location, influencing their perception and feelings about your brand. By providing a consistent and pervasive brand message, DOOH helps your brand maintain a global presence and resonance. This not only maximises your brand's reach but also reinforces brand recall, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

McDonalds major recognisable DOOH

The union of DOOH and social media, bolstered by neuromarketing insights, provides an innovative pathway to connect with your audience on a deeper level. This integrated approach can amplify your brand's voice, reinforce its message, and ensure it resonates on a truly global scale.

With our ad stack partners at your disposal, you have the opportunity to leverage the immense potential that DOOH advertising has to offer. They can guide you in optimising your brand's physical presence using cutting-edge DOOH technology. From the design of visually captivating DOOH screens to the creation of engaging social-ready assets, our partners can help you leave a lasting impression.

Our partners are ready to support you in crafting standout campaigns for your significant 'launch moments.' Leveraging their expertise, you can ensure your brand stands out from the crowd, captivating your target audience's attention and creating memorable moments.

Beyond just campaign creation, our partners can provide ongoing support to monitor your campaign’s success. They follow well-established social brand guidelines to track campaign performance, providing crucial insights that can help you optimise future campaigns and maximise your return on investment.

But the journey doesn't end here. To harness the power of DOOH and fully integrate it into your marketing strategy, you need more than just technological support; you need strategic guidance. And this is where the team at JACK RYAN comes in.

As a leading advertising and full communications agency, we at JACK RYAN are committed to guiding you through the ever-evolving landscape of modern marketing. Our team of experts can provide bespoke advice tailored to your brand's unique needs and objectives. We can help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that DOOH advertising presents.

Whether you're just beginning to explore the potential of DOOH or looking to fine-tune your existing strategy, we invite you to reach out to your JACK RYAN partner. They're ready and eager to help you unlock new avenues for growth and transform the way your brand interacts with the world. So, don't wait. Contact your JACK RYAN partner today and let's embark on this journey of innovation and growth together.


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