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Driving Sales Through Triggered Advertising: How BMW Leveraged Inclement Weather

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BMW is a German multinational corporation that produces luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and engines. It is one of the leading brands in the automotive industry known for its performance, innovation, and high-end cars. To boost its sales, BMW leveraged triggered advertising technology to reach out to potential customers.


BMW aimed to increase the number of enquiries and driving sales for its BMW xDrive 4X4 and SUV vehicles. They knew that potential customers who intended to purchase these vehicles were more likely to do so during adverse weather conditions. Thus, the challenge was to target these potential customers at the right time and place with relevant ads.


To meet this challenge, BMW used triggered advertising technology to deploy ads on Facebook based on pre-set conditions. They collaborated with third-party technology partners to trigger ads precisely when the weather was inclement at the potential customers' location. 

The weather condition acted as the trigger, and the ads were displayed only to those who met the conditions set by BMW. The ads were designed to highlight the features of the BMW xDrive 4X4 and SUV vehicles and encourage potential customers to take action.


The results of this campaign were impressive. 

- BMW observed a 10% uplift in engagement during inclement weather. 

- Moreover, the ROI was 16:01, indicating that the investment made in this campaign was profitable. 

The campaign generated significant video views and trackable lead generation to sales, helping BMW boost its sales of BMW xDrive 4X4 and SUV vehicles.

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