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Success Story

Vision to Reality: Exceeding Expectations at the Inaugural National Door Summit

Key Results


Sell-out Innaugal Event at IWM, London


B2B Impressions Reach for the event


New users reached with 41% New Website Sessions


JACK RYAN was honoured to partner to be the driving force behind the inaugural National Door Summit, an indispensable gathering for Asset Management & Fire Safety professionals in the Social Housing Sector.


Entrusted from inception to completion, our team was responsible for producing a striking event brand, developing a fully responsive website, executing strategic social media and email marketing, managing ticketing, and coordinating event production on the day.


The National Door Summit offered a chance to engage a specific audience of local authorities and industry experts in an event packed with industry-recognised speakers, CPD accredited workshops, and real-time burn tests conducted by a UKAS Accredited Testing Facility.


The Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, a venue reflecting extraordinary stories of ordinary people, was the perfect backdrop for this exceptional event.


At JACK RYAN, we recognised this opportunity and matched the Summit's significance with a comprehensive, resonant marketing and event management strategy.


Highly targeted Social Activation across LinkedIn targeted at specific organisations and individuals in the sector.

The journey began with crafting a distinctive and memorable brand for the Summit, followed by a comprehensive, fully-responsive website serving as the central hub for all event-related information and updates. Harnessing our digital marketing proficiency, we managed the Summit's social channels, establishing a strong online presence and building an engaged community surrounding the event.

Our targeted email marketing campaigns, coupled with LinkedIn and affiliate ads, reached a precise demographic, driving sign-ups and stimulating interest among potential delegates. All marketing efforts were data-driven and constantly optimised based on real-time performance feedback.

Our scope also included managing the ticketing process, offering EarlyBird rates for single delegates and group bundles to cater to various needs and budgets. This led to a streamlined, user-friendly ticketing experience that promoted early sign-ups and encouraged group participation.

In addition to our marketing responsibilities, we took charge of the event delivery on the day, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. This included the full suite of event production, including staging, audio/visual setup, and capturing the event with a multi-camera recording system.

Effective Social Listening driving social currency


Our efforts culminated in a triumphant inaugural National Door Summit, boasting a turnout that surpassed expectations. Delegates appreciated the seamless experience and the richness of the CPD accredited workshops, industry insights, and live burn tests.

Our targeted marketing campaigns led to high engagement rates, resulting in a remarkable surge in sign-ups post-campaign launch. The event day production was praised for its professionalism and seamless execution, delivering a high-quality, immersive experience for all attendees.

At JACK RYAN, we take immense pride in contributing to our clients' success, and the National Door Summit was no exception. This event was a testament to what we can achieve together. If you're looking for a partner who can deliver an impactful, engaging event from inception to execution, we're ready to create extraordinary experiences with you, as we did with the National Door Summit.

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