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Success Story

Revolutionising High-Value Dental Implant Acquisition: A Customer Story

Key Results


Increase in Enquiries for Dental Implants


Uplift in overall appointment Bookings


Uplift in Brand Awareness across the Demographic


Dental Studio Scotland, a leading dental care provider, engaged us as their full-service agency in Spring 2020. With a deep understanding of their business goals and values, we have since been managing their website, marketing activities, and overall online presence. Dental Studio Scotland offers a variety of private dental treatments, and our partnership has focused on promoting their brand and services to a wider audience.

This case study delves into how as a Meta Partner, we worked collaboratively to drive high-value acquisitions for dental implant treatments. The strategy was based on a compelling patient journey, delivering high-quality leads and elevating Dental Studio Scotland's brand in the market.


Dental Studio Scotland recognized an opportunity to grow their market share in high-value dental treatments, specifically dental implants.


They needed a strategic approach to target potential patients who were most likely to be interested in, and able to afford, these treatments. However, effectively reaching and convincing this demographic required a more personalised, compelling marketing approach than they had previously used.


Highly targeted Paid Social

Our role in this project was comprehensive, acting as a full marketing partner to Dental Studio Scotland. The patient journey campaign centred on the story of a patient undergoing dental implant treatment, serving as a testament to the transformative potential of Dental Studio Scotland’s services. This required us to meticulously plan, script, film, edit, and produce customer story videos to be used as primary content for the social media campaign.

In the pre-production phase, we conducted in-depth interviews with patients and the dental team to ensure the patient's journey was portrayed authentically. We then captured the patient's story in a manner that was engaging, relatable, and visually appealing. The production team worked hand-in-hand with the client and the patient to ensure their comfort and consent at every step of the process.

After filming, our post-production team edited and produced the videos, fine-tuning them for optimal engagement on Meta's platforms. Aspects like captions, call-to-action buttons, and Meta's native video features were strategically utilised to enhance viewer engagement and conversions.

As a Meta Partner, we were in a unique position to leverage the platform's extensive user data and advanced targeting capabilities. We created a highly targeted campaign designed to reach potential patients within specific income brackets, age ranges, and interest groups - ensuring our message reached those most likely to be interested in and able to afford dental implant treatments.

Throughout the execution phase, we worked in close partnership with Dental Studio Scotland to align our efforts with their brand ethos, ensuring that our campaign not only achieved its marketing objectives but also strengthened Dental Studio Scotland's reputation as a provider of high-quality, patient-centred dental care.


The patient journey campaign, combined with our granular targeting, yielded impressive results:

  • A significant 50% increase in enquiries for dental implant treatments, indicating a strong impact on high-value acquisition.

  • An uplift of 35% in overall appointment bookings, with a high proportion attributable to the implant campaign.

  • An increase of 40% in brand awareness within the target demographic, enhancing Dental Studio Scotland's reputation as a leading provider of high-quality dental implants.

  • A 25% increase in web traffic, featuring a reduced bounce rate and a higher proportion of users exploring the dental implant information sections.

By leveraging our expertise and Meta Partner tools, JACK RYAN helped Dental Studio Scotland effectively reach a high-value demographic, leading to increased acquisitions for dental implants. This successful campaign showcases the transformative potential of data-rich, personalised marketing.

1. Client CRM Data for Enquiries and Bookings
2. Reach data from Meta Business Manager

3. Google Analytics Data

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