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Success Story

How DorSuite's Revolutionary Products Took Centre Stage at the Fire Safety Event

Key Results


Website Traffic surge durign the month


Reaching over 6K People at the event through OOH


Reaching 4.5K through
E-mail - Open Rate >50%


At JACK RYAN, we're renowned for creating compelling narratives that bring brands to life. DorSuite, a distinguished leader in the UK's Door & Hardware manufacturing space, approached us to amplify their presence at the headline exhibition at the Fire Safety Event in Birmingham.


With their reputation for excellence and innovative products set to reshape the industry, the spotlight was on their latest doorset solutions and the launch of SecuraTherm, a significant leap forward in energy efficiency.


Despite being a dominant player in their industry, DorSuite was ready to unveil technologies that would redefine the Door & Hardware manufacturing sector.


They required a comprehensive campaign to articulate this innovation to the market, increase visibility at the Fire Safety Event, ignite industry-wide conversations, and ultimately, drive sales.


Enhanced and curated Social Media through the brands' LinkedIn channel drove engagement and front of mind status before, throughout and post-event. This was reinforced with a highly targeted e-mail and paid campaign.

In response to this challenge, we deployed a 360-degree approach. Working in unison with our partners, we designed an engaging exhibition stand that perfectly embodied DorSuite's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Our dedicated team worked tirelessly in collaboration with DorSuite's sales force to heighten online engagement. Using live video showcasing, we offered a real-time, immersive experience to those unable to attend the event in person. This not only reinforced the physical presence at the event but also broadened the reach of the DorSuite's innovations to a wider audience.

Alongside the physical and digital showcase, we curated an e-mail marketing campaign and targeted social media ads designed to pre-empt the event buzz and sustain momentum thereafter.

To ensure DorSuite became the show's centrepiece, we acquired exclusively the NEC's out of home inventory. This strategic takeover extended DorSuite's presence beyond the exhibition hall, embedding their brand into the collective consciousness of the event attendees.

Take-over Digital Out of Home ensured presence beyond the DorSuite stand, including in high occupancy areas such as Starbucks.


The integrated campaign resulted in significant success.


DorSuite saw a dramatic increase in brand awareness, reflected in a 500% surge in website traffic during the month of the event.


The Fire Safety Event became a platform for DorSuite to not just showcase their products, but to become the epicentre of industry conversations.

This case study exemplifies the power of creative marketing combined with platforms that drive front of mind. We don't just deliver solutions; we engineer success that leaves a lasting impression within your industry. With us, your brand won't just participate in the conversation - it will lead it.

1. Website Analytics Data

2. Visitor and OOH Data from FIre Safety Event 2023 Ticketing

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