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Success Story

Data-Driven Campaign Boosts Lung Cancer Awareness for the NHS.

Key Results


Increase in Year-on-Year Engagement on NHS Website


Upflift in Searches for Lung Cancer Information


The NHS South-East London Cancer Alliance (NHS SELCA) embarked on a journey to reshape public perception of lung cancer. The ambitious campaign, orchestrated during November’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month, aimed to enhance awareness about lung cancer symptoms and encourage early screening. Serving an extensive area of South-East London, encompassing 3.9 million residents, The NHS leveraged the expertise of JACK RYAN to spearhead this initiative.

The campaign was critical in addressing the increasing need for early detection of lung cancer, especially among underrepresented groups. These efforts were particularly significant given the Alliances broad responsibility for delivering cancer services in the region.


This campaign presented a unique opportunity to implement behaviour change strategies, crucial for altering misconceptions about lung cancer. The primary goal was to increase lung cancer screening uptake, detecting the disease in its earliest stages.


By employing advanced targeting techniques, particularly focusing on demographics more prone to late-stage cancer presentation, the campaign aimed to make a substantial impact in the community's health outcomes. The strategic use of behavioral science principles was instrumental in guiding this public health initiative.


The campaign was meticulously executed through a blend of digital and physical advertising mediums:

  • Digital Platforms: Utilized Paid Social and Programmatic advertising, with enhanced targeting facilitated by the Government Team at Meta Platforms.

  • Out of Home Advertising: Extensive coverage in South-East London, including supermarkets, major arterial routes, Adshells, and Gym Digital Out of Home (DOOH) displays.

  • Proprietary Technology: Employed the in-house developed iJACK software to ensure precise campaign execution and achievement of objectives.

This strategic mix of advertising channels was pivotal in reaching a diverse audience and driving the campaign's message across multiple touchpoints.


The campaign's success was reflected in its remarkable outcomes:

  • A 240% increase in year-on-year engagement on the NHS website’s Cancer Alliance pages, highlighting a significant rise in public interest and awareness.

  • A 20% uplift in searches for lung cancer information, illustrating the campaign’s effectiveness in educating the public.

  • Broader reach and impact across South-East London, especially among underrepresented groups.


JACK RYAN continues to work with NHS SELCA as their appointed Media & Creative agency on record helping the NHS reach underrepresnted groups and importantly increase early detection of disease through public awareness. 

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