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Success Story

Driving Explosive Growth for Revolut's Business Banking Customers in the UK

Key Results


Increase in Direct Traffic


Return on Investment


Growth in new Business Sign-ups


Revolut, founded in 2015, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing digital banks in the UK. Focusing on innovation and technology, they offer a wide range of personal and business banking services.


However, despite its success, Revolut recognized the need to increase its Business Banking customer base to continue its growth trajectory.


Increasing Revolut's Business Banking Customers, JACK RYAN was tasked with designing and implementing a high-impact digital marketing campaign to increase direct traffic to Revolut's Business Banking sign-up page.


JACK RYAN leveraged Facebook Ads and Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies to target potential customers and drive conversions to achieve this goal.


JACK RYAN developed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign using primarily Facebook Ads backed-up with Google PPC.

- Audience Segmentation: JACK RYAN identified key target audiences, including small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, based on their online behaviour, interests, and demographics.

- Creative Assets: Compelling ad creatives and copy were developed to resonate with the target audience, emphasising Revolut's unique selling points, such as ease of use, competitive fees, and innovative features.

- A/B Testing: Multiple ad variations were tested to identify the most influential creatives, headlines, and calls to action, optimising the campaign for maximum impact.

- Retargeting: Custom audiences were created to retarget potential customers who had previously visited Revolut's website, resulting in higher conversion rates.

- Performance Monitoring and Optimisation: Working closely, we continuously monitored campaign performance with bespoke dashboards, adjusting bids and budgets in real-time to maximise return on investment (ROI).


Over six months, Revolut's Business Banking customer base saw the following growth:

- 250% Increase in Direct Traffic to Business Banking Sign-up translating to higher conversion rates and more customers.

- 600% Return on Investment validating Revolut's decision to utilise paid social activity drive sign-up.

- Reducing Cost Per Acquisition by 45% demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of a joined-up paid social approach.

- A 320% Growth in new Business Account Sign-ups exceeding expectations.

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