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Success Story

Reaching over 25% of UK High Schools with Airbus backed Soaring to Success®

Key Results


High Schools Reached


Teachers, Career Advisors, STEM Leads Reached


Advertising Reach during the Campaign


Soaring to Success® is a careers enrichment programme for schools that bridges the gap between education and industry. It aims to inspire, enable, and support the next generation to consider a career within aviation and aerospace.


The programme also aims to increase ambitions and social mobility through inspirational activities. The Air League achieves this through showing young people that these opportunities and possibilities are accessible and achievable by anyone.

The Programme is delivered by the UK's definitive aviation charity, The Air League and supported by industry giants including Airbus.


The Soaring to Success® Programme is aimed at 13–17-year-old students, particularly those with no former connection to aviation or aerospace industries.


The programme is designed to be flexible in order to support your school’s needs. Stage 1 seeks to Showcase the big industry players in a school-friendly format, being geared towards a classroom broadcast model with facilitated Q&A through Zoom Webinars.


We collaborated with The Air League to increase the Programme's reach to more schools across the length of the UK with the target to:

(1) Increase Reach and Brand Awareness uplift

(2) Drive Sign-ups of State Secondary Schools for the Programme


Paid Social and Programmatic Insertion

Adopting a seamlessly integrated digital strategy, we harnessed the power of Paid Social and Programmatic channels. Our prime targets? Teachers, STEM Leads, Career Advisors, and notable Influencers.

We delved deep into audience insights, transcending superficial metrics. Partnering with KANTAR, we sculpted bespoke audiences tailored to align with the campaign's objectives, ensuring maximum resonance.

Two-Phase Burst Strategy


The campaign unfolded in two strategically-timed bursts:

Burst 1 (June/July): Initiated just before summer, our focus was laser-sharp: Drive awareness among teachers, priming the platform for what's to come.

Burst 2 (August/October): This phase shifted gears, homing in on direct sign-up conversion. Additionally, we infused an urgency factor, catalysing a palpable "Fear of Missing Out" effect, compelling our audience to act.


Drawing inspiration from The Air League's image set from Stage 3 the previous year, we introduced the "Soaring to Success" wave branding. This encapsulated movement and 'lift', seamlessly dovetailing with our objective: Elevate the Soaring to Success® brand recall.

We believe in versatility. The creative was ingeniously adapted and showcased across diverse formats, ensuring optimal engagement on both Paid Social and Programmatic channels.

In sum, this wasn't just an execution. It was a masterclass in advertising strategy, underpinned by data, creativity, and unwavering dedication to results.


Positioned at the forefront of impactful advertising, the campaign that not only resonated but also left an indelible mark. Here's an in-depth look at its sweeping success:

Ubiquitous Penetration: The campaign didn't merely scratch the surface; it delved deep, securing active participation from a staggering 25% of all UK High Schools. 

Digital Footprints That Matter: Rather than just passive impressions, the campaign engaged and captivated. With soaring click-through rates, it's evident that the content resonated and spurred action.

Harnessing KANTAR Audiences with Precision: Leveraging Programmatic's potential, the campaign strategically engaged KANTAR audiences, resulting in an influential frequency multiplier. This systematic approach ensured an ad reach of over 1.8 million.

Catalysing Key Decision-Makers: Reaching 447,000 educators and stakeholders, including Teachers, Career Advisors, and STEM Leads.

In essence, this was not just a campaign; it was a movement, driving change, and igniting passion across sectors and ensuring every child has the opportunity.

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