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Success Story

Shattering Industry Benchmarks: Paid Search Strategy Catapults B2B Leads.

Key Results


Top Impression Share Position


Industry Leading Click-through rate


Reduction in total Cost Per Acquisition


United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) sets the benchmark in Fire Safety Services. Providing market-leading fire testing and certification services, they empower manufacturers of building materials and products to comply with all applicable international standards, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations.

In a collaborative approach with UKTC, we executed a highly targeted paid search campaign across Google and Bing. Leveraging our extensive expertise as a Google Partner and strategic thinking, we aimed to enhance their digital footprint, ensuring high relevance and low Cost Per Click (CPC).


While UKTC already occupied a distinguished position in its field, there was an opportunity to reinforce its digital presence and more effectively reach audiences demonstrating explicit intent towards their services.


The challenge was to capture and maintain the attention of this specific audience segment, optimising towards a lower CPC and ensuring high relevance.


To meet this challenge, we deployed a meticulously designed paid search strategy. We conducted highly targeted search activities across Google and Bing, focusing on users showing clear intent towards services provided by UKTC.

Our team monitored the campaign performance, refining keywords, ad copy, and bids to achieve the highest click-through-rate and maintain the most significant impression share on these search platforms.


Our strategy was rooted in data-driven decision-making, adjusting in real-time to the dynamic search landscape


The results were extraordinary. We saw an impressive year-on-year reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of approximately 60%.


The campaign broke industry benchmarks with a click-through-rate of over 15% and secured a top impression share of over 95% on both Google and Bing.

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