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Success Story

Blazing New Trails in Engagement: VR Multi-Faceted Campaign Ignites Uplift.

"The innovative strategies not only brought our laboratory to life but also bridged the gap between us and potential customers in an engaging and memorable way."

Daniel Fitzsimmons, Head of Testing at UKTC


United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) stands as the paragon in Fire Safety Services. They provide top-tier fire testing and certification services that empower manufacturers of building materials and products to comply with international standards, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations.


With a state-of-the-art facility in the UK, UKTC seamlessly blends cutting-edge test equipment with industry expertise to deliver unrivalled service levels to its global customer base, making buildings safer and more environmentally friendly.

When UKTC approached us, we were tasked with driving engagement for their brand both online and offline during the brand activation event. Leveraging our 'Different, Distinctive, Digital' approach and capabilities, we developed a comprehensive plan that blended targeted social media tactics with an industry-first Virtual Reality experience.


UKTC, with its prestigious standing in the Fire Safety Services industry, was looking for innovative ways to engage with its audience during its brand activation event.


The challenge was to create an immersive experience that would captivate prospective customers and generate buzz around the brand


To meet this challenge, we went above and beyond traditional engagement strategies. Our team coordinated all aspects of the project, focusing on creating a bespoke 360 Virtual Reality Experience.


We filmed this cutting-edge VR experience at UKTC's laboratory, offering prospective customers an immersive, industry-first tour that transported them to the heart of UKTC's operations.

To drive audience turnout for the brand activation event, we employed highly targeted social media strategies to stir excitement and anticipation. This was complemented with out of home tactics to ensure a comprehensive reach and driving force for brand reinforcement.

Driving a 'Sense of Placement' and Brand Uplift reinforced with tactical advertising.


The integrated campaign was a resounding success, resulting in significant brand uplift for UKTC.


The 360 Virtual Reality Experience was hailed as a game-changer, showcasing UKTC's innovative spirit and industry leadership, and the targeted Digital out of Home and social media campaign generated buzz and drove impressive engagement both online and offline.

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