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How Our Data-Driven Approach Boosted Repeat Sales for John Lewis with MyJohnLewis


Email open rates increased


Conversion Rate Uplift


Average Order Value Increase


John Lewis, a well-known retail brand in the UK, faced a challenge in maintaining customer loyalty and increasing repeat sales. To address this issue, they introduced the MyJohnLewis loyalty card program, which allowed customers to collect points and receive rewards.

The Challenge

While the introduction of the loyalty program was a step in the right direction, John Lewis wanted to take things further by leveraging customer data to create highly personalised marketing campaigns that would drive repeat sales.

The company realised that they had a vast amount of customer data available, including purchase history, demographics, and behaviour, but they were not sure how to use it to create targeted marketing campaigns that would resonate with their customers.

Our Approach

We were approached by John Lewis to help them achieve their goal of increasing customer loyalty and driving repeat sales. Our first step was to analyse the customer data available to us, including purchase history, demographics, and behaviour.

We used K-Means Clustering, a machine learning algorithm, to segment customers into different groups based on their shopping behaviour. This allowed us to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that would resonate with each customer segment.

Next, we used a combinatorial approach of email marketing and paid social advertising to reach out to customers with personalised product recommendations based on their shopping history and interests. For example, if a customer had previously purchased bedding, we would suggest complementary products such as pillows and duvets.

Our email campaigns were highly engaging, providing customers with valuable information, such as style tips and exclusive discounts, and were personalised based on the customer's interests and shopping history.

To track the effectiveness of our campaign, we used a variety of metrics, including email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. We also monitored social media engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments, to gauge customer sentiment and adjust our approach accordingly.

Image by Paul Green

The Results

Our highly personalised marketing campaign had a significant impact on John Lewis's bottom line. The introduction of the MyJohnLewis card, combined with our data-driven approach, led to increased customer loyalty and repeat sales.

- Email open rates increased by 45%<

- Click-through rates by 30%

- Conversion rates by 25%.

The paid social advertising campaign also saw a 20% increase in conversions with average order value up 8%.

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